Hi everyone,


I’m Lucie (or Lucy which is English version of my name ;) and I started blogging in early February 2010 when I've founded my first blog, Lucy's Stash. Lucy's Stash PRO came more than 4 years later after I've decided to get qualified as Manicurist and Nail Technician. I needed a place for sharing anything non-nail polish so Lucy's Stash PRO was founded.


I often get ask how I got into nails…


I’ve been experimenting with nail art and makeup since my early teens but my true love for nail art developed about 5 years ago. I was inspired by my lovely friend AllYouDesire and encouraged by amazing ladies from one beauty forum to create my own blog. Firstly I started with makeup and nail posts but the nail art and nail polish reviews soon took over. These days I spend 40+ hours per week working on something around the blog and I still very much enjoy it!


Why the name Lucy’s Stash?

Well now it is supposed to refer to my nail polish stash. When I chose the name I planned to do beauty reviews as well so I didn’t want something nail polish specific. Now I regret it a bit but I still hope Lucy’s Stash is nowadays well established and recognized blog name.


What about personal life?

I like to keep my personal life separate because most people are interested in my ‘nail work’ but if you’d like to find out a bit more about me, keep reading…


I live in UK and I work full-time as a marketing and media support for a small teaching company.  I have a fiancee who is, thankfully, very supportive of this very time-consuming hobby of mine :) There’s not really much more to say….oh wait! I have the cutest dog Charlie who is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who lives with my mum but unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring him with me to UK so I see him once a year when I visit my family..that's why I don't share any photos.


So that’s it for now, feel free to email me if you have any questions :)



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