Free Nail Art Online Workshop with Neiru!

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I wanted to all let you know about exciting opportunity to join an online workshop with Neiru! It’s a totally free online nail art workshop challenge specifically focused detail fine line work with nail art, one of the most challenging skills. Here's all the information you need to know:


Neiru, which teaches current Japanese nail art designs and techniques through their exclusive membership program, is pleased to announce an upcoming free workshop. The new workshop, which will take place over the span of two weeks, will teach guests three of the newest line nail art designs and techniques coming out of Japan.

Specializing in teaching the most contemporary nail art design coming from Japan, the world’s mecca for nail art design, Neiru offers training on the latest nail art designs through their membership program. The upcoming two-week workshop, however, will be available at no cost for anyone. The workshop is open for 1000 people, and it will commence once the 1000 seat limit has been reached.

During the two-week workshop, students will learn about the newest designs and techniques in the nail art industry. Also, students will be presented with a fun challenge. Each student will be asked to recreate each workshop’s design and to also create an original nail design incorporating the designs and styles learned during the workshop. At the end of the workshop, participants who submit their results through e-mail or Instagram using #neiruchallenge hashtag will have a chance to have their submissions featured in Neiru’s wrap-up video compilation.

Jasmine Oshima, Neiru founder and Japanese Nailist Association Certified nail artist, looks forward to offering the highly educational workshop. Neiru’s membership program has gained incredible traction, and the workshop is expected to be a success. One recent client of Neiru’s educational membership program said, “Neiru is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to learn Japanese style nail art. Jasmine Oshima does the best tutorials hands down! I’ve learned so much in a short time!”

The free workshop will be scheduled once 1000 people have signed up. Nail professionals and anyone who would like to participate are encouraged to spread the word about Neiru’s workshop. More information and sign-up forms can be found at


Free Nail Art Online Workshop with Neiru!



I'm definitely taking part and I wanted to let you know about this opportunity so you can book your place too! You can sign up for your free Workshop at


Have a lovely day! Lucie x