Hi everyone,

It's time for another gel polish nail art tutorial. I've reached for Bio Seaweed Gel again to create today's design. I've actually filmed it last November but it took me a while to edit the tutorial.

I love precious stones in all shapes or forms, especially the beautifully marbled ones. This design a little bit abstract as I didn't follow the usual colours and background patterns but I think it came out beautifully. It is easy to do and there are endless variations that can be created.

This is the final look:

TUTORIAL: Abstract Precious Stone Design

And of course, here's the video tutorial I've prepared for you:



Products used:
Bio Seaweed Gel No Sanding Base (gel base coat)
Bio Seaweed Gel Snow White
Bio Seaweed Gel Goldmine
Bio Seaweed Gel Pinky Swear
Bio Seaweed Gel Aqua
Bio Seaweed Gel Diamond Shine Top
Nail art brushes


Canada: http://bioseaweedgel.com/
UK: http://bioseaweedgel.co.uk/
US & rest of the world: http://bioseaweedgel.com/distributors/


I hope I've inspired you at least a bit and if you recreate this design I'd love to see it! You can let me know directly on social media or use #lucysstashpro


Have a lovely day! Lucie


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Hi everyone,


After I went to Nail Harmony's Gelish training day, I got a chance to test Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit. So today I've prepared it for you and as a bonus I've created a video on how to apply and remove Gelish gel polish, implementing the knowledge I acquired at the training.


I don't think I need to introduce Gelish, it's one of the most popular gel polish brands available. Let's have a look at the kit and its contents:


Tutorial: How To Apply & Remove Gelish + Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit
Tutorial: How To Apply & Remove Gelish + Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit
Tutorial: How To Apply & Remove Gelish + Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit
Tutorial: How To Apply & Remove Gelish + Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit
Tutorial: How To Apply & Remove Gelish + Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit



Pro 5-45 kit contains:


  • Accessory Kit (cuticle tool with prep pads)
  • PH Bond (15ml)
  • Foundation Gel (15ml)
  • Hot Rod Red (15ml)
  • Light Elegant (15ml)
  • Top It Off (15ml)
  • Gelish Cleanser (2oz)
  • Nourish Cuticle Oil (15ml)
  • Gelish Soak Off Remover (2oz)
  • 5-45 Led Lamp


The kit comes with two Gelish shades in classic red (Hot Rod Red) and pale pink shimmer (Light Elegant) and all other products like base coat (Foundation Gel), top coat (Top It Off), Nourish cuticle oil and PH Bond - all of these in full sizes. So you just need to buy more colours and you can create many Gelish manicures.


There's everything you need to do Gelish manicure except nail files and lint free wipes that most of us have anyway. Firstly I've tested the system on myself and it worked perfectly. The only thing I would substitute is the white cuticle pusher tool and sanding prep pads. I prefer to use a full-size 180 grit file and metal cuticle pusher.


The 5-45 LED lamp that comes with the kit is large enough to cure all 5 fingers at once and each layer of product cures in 45 seconds (as the name suggests). It is quite small and light so it is very handy for mobile services. The manicures I've done have lasted the full 14 days so the whole system works great for me. Both of the polishes in the kit applied nicely and are not too thick. The Hot Rod Red is nicely opaque in two coats. Light Elegant is slightly sheerer and it looks to me like it would be nice for shimmery french manicures. The opacity can be built up with three thin coats.


Here's the video tutorial I've prepared on how to apply and remove Gelish gel polish:




Tutorial: How To Apply & Remove Gelish + Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit
Tutorial: How To Apply & Remove Gelish + Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit


And of course I couldn't skip some Gelish manicures I've done previously. This is Gelish Bella's Vampire on my friend's natural nails on two separate occasions (she just loves this shade).



Pro 5-45 kit is currently available at the Nail Harmony UK website for £219.99 (£263.99 inc VAT).


I'd like to add that so far I've been happy with the kit and the performance of the products and all the other Gelish colours I have and it is definitely worth investing into a good quality, professional kit. Hope you've enjoyed today's post and tutorial an let me know what you think.


Have a nice day! Lucie


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Hello everyone,


By now you probably know that Gelish (and Morgan Taylor) have teamed up with Disney and created a Cinderella collection in celebration of the new fairy tale movie (Cinderella movie is coming out 13th March 2015). This collection has a mix of creme, shimmer and glitter shades so there's something for everyone. Most of the colours are perfect for spring and glitter adds gorgeous sparkle.


About: "This spring will be filled with magic and fantastical colors as Gelish and Morgan Taylor introduce the Cinderella 2015 collection. Teaming up with The Walt Disney Pictures for the new live-action release of Cinderella, the collection showcases a unique palette inspired by the movie to spark anyone's fancy."


Review: Gelish Cinderella Collection
Review: Gelish Cinderella Collection
Review: Gelish Cinderella Collection
Review: Gelish Cinderella Collection



As you can see, I was kindly sent not only the Cinderella collection but also its stand and a cute 'glass slipper' key chain in a blue velvet pouch. I love these little touches, they make such a good impression and the collection suddenly seems magical!


Let's have a look at the colours now...


They all applied nicely, none of them are too thick or too sheer. I've applied two thin coats on the nail wheel and on nails 2-3 thin coats will be fully opaque. Party At The Palace was the sheerest of all so I would recommend 3 thin coats. I was pleasantly surprised with the If The Slipper Fits glitter - it was almost fully opaque in two coats but it could still be used for glitter gradients and to layer over other colours in a thin coat. Three coats build up the colour to full opacity. All colours cured to smooth finish except for the glitter of course but topcoat corrects all the imperfections.


Review: Gelish Cinderella Collection



Overall, this collection met my expectations and I like the colours and finishes. My top picks are Live Like There's No Midnight because it's a gorgeous deep blue perfect for nights out and Party At The Palace for its stunning colour and sparkle.


Morgan Taylor, a nail polish brand has released nail polish line with almost the same colours complementing the Gelish collection. You can find swatches and comparison to Gelish colours at the Chickettes blog.


Gelish Cinderella collection is available at Nail Harmony UK, at Gelish.com and at the usual outlets carrying Gelish.


Hope you've enjoyed the post and have a lovely day! Lucie x


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